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ALSO: i will not tender a thank you for badges.
[llamas: nothing but tall, bad tempered sheep.]

"badges? we don't need no stinkin' badges!"
[a common misquote from an old film -… ]

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Lawrence L Piper
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work for the cure of pain
in everyone, for we all
have at least some,
exaggerated in our minds,
and may think we walk alone...
llp - mar'09

Current Residence: Southern NH, just down the street from the Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center where i worked through the 70s before getting fired and barred for life from my career for participating in the 'PATCO strike of August 1981', [google it if you're curious]. i loved that job. Pres Reagan terminated 12,000 of us with a knee jerk stroke of his pen.
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Favourite genre of music: alternative
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Wallpaper of choice: Alexandra and guess who
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Favourite cartoon character: road runner
Personal Quote: from he to whom much is given, much will be required.
my comment to this posting by CyranoDeMet on his blog -
he's a fine writer - see also - [be warned. he's ...different]

Possible reasons for changes in co-worker behavior -

There are the fortunate few who, if independently wealthy, would happily work at their vocations without pay. Then there are the rest of us who, though work is not necessarily always a drag, are there only for the money, as much as we can earn without totally selling our souls.

I spent 24 years working in a business where I at first assumed advancement into relatively high management was well within my potential.  However, as the company was 'progressively' merged into two subsequent companies, each with more predatory corporate 'employee demand without equal compensation' than the previous, I found that upward mobility required compromises I could not make.  In a nutshell, I had too much empathy for my fellow employees.

I was forcibly promoted twice.  Both times i made them take it back, [but kept the raises in hourly pay, of course]. Meanwhile, I made sure i received the highest annual raises, and occasional merit raises too.   How i did these things is another story.

'Having said all that', I spent years in a position where I could see the changes in the behaviors of fellow workers who either; finally accepted promotion into management after years of simply doing a fine job; or - was intent on advancement from the very beginning, and subsequently moved up, [a few quite far up].

Many, maybe most, employers warn new managers to 'not fraternize', always be businesslike, to let old friendships go - so as to never be subject to credible accusations of favoritism.  Some new managers of course, cannot do this without appearing cold where they used to be warm.  No more stops at the nearby pub for a couple of beers with friends from work. They, having accepted the company line, sadly think they have to appear to be pricks.

A very few have an innate ability to not play favorites while still maintaining fairly warm friendships. Unless pushed too far by some idiot currying favors, they will never be pricks.

Some simply are more inherently adept at using people. What appeared as friendships were just ways of getting along until their maneuvering for advancement gained fruition.  They used others to get there.  It becomes ingrained as a way toward further success.  They're selfish, maybe a bit sociopathic. They're always going to be pricks.

In our social lives, everyone tries to play the part we, deep inside, want to play, unless we're psychically unable to for various nature/nurture reasons.  We do what we become 'as meant to do' - not from the beginning, nothing fated, but as life and our inherited natures at any particular time dictate us to do.  Though we try, we have little free will, unless we acquire 'the skill' of using it.  That also, is another story.

Management, being made up of humans, will behave as humans do - in all varieties.

Happiness, [or 'contentment with one's life', as continued 'happiness' may be an unattainably quixotic quest]?

'Contentment' may be our attainment of a reasonable amount of self-understanding, to the point of closer observation of, and better understanding of, the behavior of others.  This, not to judge ourselves or others, but to be able to accept both.

Contentment is the acceptance of life as it is unfolding, with neither confusion nor upset - to live 'now', appreciating one's consciousness and the whole of the cosmos and existence.

Contentment is to know: 'life feels personal, but it's not'.

I think I am quite content.

IMO - from what I've learned - :) pip
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: my thoughts - [always]
  • Reading: 'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle
  • Watching: MSNBC - [in the background]
  • Playing: godlet - [amateur]
  • Eating: nothing - [sadly, out of crow]
  • Drinking: black coffee - [always]



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Thank you, Pip! :heart:
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You are the most interesting person. I wish I could come buy you a coffee (or whatever) and just talk to you. I never get tired of hearing your opinion and/or reading your stories. :)
alapip Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Well Calleigh, i like our discussions too.
I'll be moving closer to Boston in another month
or so to get closer to my kids.  So, if you happen
to need to come East, I'd love to buy you lunch
and have a nice visit.  ;)
CalleighBlack Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome!!!! Next time I'm up there to see Sully
I'll see what you're up to. But I'd totally cook
for you if food were involved. I just said coffee
because I don't drink. :)
CalleighBlack Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
There cannot be a better compliment in the world than what you said about faving even though you kinda didn't want to fave. I love that. Thank you so, so much. :heart: :D You've made my day.
alapip Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
"now, i go reeling..." :lol:
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Don't :faint: on me. I don't have a couch in here to shove under you. ;)
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Thank you very much for collecting my work! :) 
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