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NOTICE: i habitually reply to all comments,
but for those who fav without a comment -
do NOT expect a pageview or thank you.

ALSO: i will not tender a thank you for badges.
[llamas: nothing but tall, bad tempered sheep.]

"badges? we don't need no stinkin' badges!"
[a common misquote from an old film -… ]

- - - i delete all badges without comment. - - -
[not that i don't appreciate good intentions...]

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Lawrence L Piper
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
work for the cure of pain
in everyone, for we all
have at least some,
exaggerated in our minds,
and may think we walk alone...
llp - mar'09

Current Residence: Southern NH, just down the street from the Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center where i worked through the 70s before getting fired and barred for life from my career for participating in the 'PATCO strike of August 1981', [google it if you're curious]. i loved that job. Pres Reagan terminated 12,000 of us with a knee jerk stroke of his pen.
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Favourite genre of music: alternative
Favourite style of art: surreal
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Wallpaper of choice: Alexandra and guess who
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Favourite cartoon character: road runner
Personal Quote: from he to whom much is given, much will be required.
go here -

  In a White Room......with black curtains near the station...
Not really, it doesn’t have any curtains at all, black or otherwise, it’s surrealistic southwestern art deco marble, tall, aching empty and echoing... and sure, feel free to get out the old Cream, it’s their song set the mood of the moment.
It’s really just a little local running across Oklahoma and part of Texas,  but it’s still a train with a name, and that gentle reader?  That is something I wish I saw more of.  Anyhow, one morning a couple of weeks ago I took a buddy of mine to the city to catch the train.  Of course I went to fetch him from the return trip, that’s just how it’s done where I live.  The departure was early in the day, but the arrival was at night and the difference was most literally night and day.  You couldn’t really feel them with the morning sun shining, the echo of all the souls that had passed through the place, but at night it was al

beautifully written, [as is his wont],
and actually much more metaphysically
intended than i answered it, i think
[but i cannot argue those points], so,
from a 'literal' perspective, my comment.
[as posted, with a small edit or two] -

you have a way, 'nos, for starting several
conversations at once, all important and/or
having heavy depth; and, written in a way
to release the imagination for appropriate
consideration of 'all of the above'.

[other than modern technological progress],
the first thing that comes to mind... 'reasons
why what has happened has happened'...

note - for purposes of brevity and ease of
consideration, effects previous to the 70s
will not be included in the root 'causes',
including; evolution of the human psyche to
be habitually, [and necessarily], delusional;
the - American Revolution, Second Amendment,
lawless settling of the American West, NRA
'quadfecta'; the unfortunate effects of the
tendency of various national or ethnic groups
to settle in rather closed-off communities
upon immigration to America; other items of
arguable significance to our development
as a nation; i'm sure there are others.

0 - many tend to put the blame on 'shiftless
blacks' or 'stupid illegal aliens', which is
ridiculous.  it is proven that 'given anywhere
near equal opportunity' both those groups in
fair competition become productive and
valuable members of society.  actually, when
considering the general success of both,
as opposed to the social and economic
restrictions our hidden, [and vociferously denied],
bigotries place on them, they've proven amazingly

in our psyches, both 'these groups', should not
be considered as 'groups', [hence the zero],
but simply as people.  that is a 'whole nother
conversation' about ongoing otherness.

1 - in reaction to the free love hippie days,
[when that 60s song was written and performed],
an uptight religious/conservative mindset
became exaggerated in millions of evangelical
and/or older psyches.

2 - Reagan arose in popularity as the Gov
of California, an ideologically driven man,
ripe for manipulation by the rich and
powerful, whom he easily associated with. 

3 - through the 70s, alliances were formed,
including the budding and growing religious
right, who were given false promises, which
made them easy to control, this tactic being
still very much in use.

4 - in the 80s, Reagan was elected, unions
were decimated, corporate controls were
lifted, and more, all steering obscene wealth
and power to those already holding too much
of both.

the result - what i would call 'the Randian
dream', a libertarian slanted capitalistic
market state, where the 'proletariat' are there
to be controlled and used.  all this for 'the
good of the nation', in competition against the
contrived lie of 'socialist globalism'.  [yes,
there is an odd oxymoronic quality to this
paragraph.  it is what it is.]

and, i think you would agree with this, 'nos;
corporate aims no longer include 'free and
honest competition for the satisfied consumer's
dollar'.  au contraire - it's all about whatever
can be done, [borderline legal or not], [no
moral/ethical considerations], to boost stock 
prices.  screw the nation, especially anyone
lacking the power or sophistication to take
fair part in the anti-civilizational game of
'survival of the fittest'.  they've set our
forward evolution into a backward slide, with
cynical Cheney-esque self-delusion, solidly
bordering on sociopathology... but i digress.

someone, please, tell me i'm wrong. :O (Eek)

[with a good argument, of course]

pip ;)

  • Listening to: my thoughts - [always]
  • Reading: The Island of Knowledge - Marcelo Gleiser
  • Watching: MSNBC - [in the background]
  • Playing: godlet - [amateur]
  • Eating: nothing - [being out of crow]
  • Drinking: black coffee - [always]



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